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12 Hilariously Updated Inspirational Quotes

A cheeky (and sometimes morbid) spin on motivational quotes as drawn by illustrator and cartoonist David Ostow.

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David told BuzzFeed what inspired him to create the quote series:

Social media is baffling, terrifying and addictive and the trends move so fast that it's fertile ground for parody. This particular series is a reaction to the "motivational" Instagram post we all know so well by now, which typically features a well known inspirational aphorism either by itself or accompanied by a picture of someone doing yoga on a mountaintop. I'm all for the power of positive thinking but aphorisms are by nature reductionist so there's plenty of room for humor (and I'm not the first one to make a lemons / lemonade joke - See Sarah Silverman). I'm not trying to rain on anyone's parade, I just hope these make people laugh.

David's illustrated YA mystery novel The Devil and Winnie Flynn will hit shelves October 2015. You can also check out more of his work on his Instagram.