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    Just 17 Extremely Unfortunate Grammar Fails

    Care for some "banana's by the each"?

    1. This travesty of a grocery store sign.

    This sign has broken me. I’m ready to just throw off the yoke of society and live ferally now.

    2. This well-intentioned card.

    3. This extremely unfortunate headline.

    Writer: "Is it 'firsthand' or 'first hand'?" Editor: "Either one is fine."

    4. This garage sale sign gone terribly wrong.

    5. This mess of a T-shirt.

    @AngryAutismDad1 @cmclymer Lol, like an ignorant walking billboard #MathsFail #GrammarFail

    6. This video game fail.

    A epic fail, check you're grammar Lan! #MegaManLogic #GrammarFail

    7. These romance-killers.

    Really? They actually put these coasters on sale? Somebody in that place needs to read my little red book to find out all about correct #apostrophe usage. #amwriting #amreading #bookboost #grammar

    8. This confusing headline.

    E pluribus unum? The @PittsburghPG obit headline writer needs a refresher course on agreement. #grammarfail

    9. This sign (which, ironically, isn't very sharp).

    Does anyone have a sharp object I can borrow? #GrammarFail #Knives

    10. This unlucky misspelling.

    So I’m guessing this is meant to say ‘recipient’ @TheRangeUK?! #grammarfail 😂

    11. This cereal box that should read a grammar book.

    Hi @Kelloggs_ANZ, is there supposed to be an apostrophe in "1000s"? #grammar

    12. This sickening notice.

    This sign's grammar made me terrible sick

    13. This misleading subway advertisement.

    Good job. You missed the apostrophe. Exactly how many husbands does this lady have? #grammar #medicineshoppe

    14. This double whammy from Sainsbury's.

    Dear God, @sainsburys. First there's the schoolboy apostrophe error. Then there's the hideous construction of an "even better Sainsbury's Penge". What kind of Penge is that? #Penge #GrammarFail

    15. This egregious sign.

    Leaving aside the lack of capital letters, it’s obvious here that when it comes to the #apostrophe, some people can, but when it comes to cans, they can’t. They should read my little red book #grammar #amwriting #bookboost #amreading

    16. This unwelcoming welcome.

    saw this sign at the entrance of @dukeofwellingtonbourton and immediately walked back out #grammar

    17. And this tattoo parlor you probably shouldn't visit.

    @MartinHamer would you trust this place? #grammar #tattoo


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