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There's Now A Half-Naked Bernie Sanders Coloring Book


Illustrator Nicole Daddona's new coloring book Buff Bernie is everything you've ever dreamed of and more — if your dreams include coloring half-naked pictures of a very buff Bernie Sanders, that is.

Buff Bernie has over 20 pages of Sanders looking... err, very presidential.

Not to mention some classic puns:

We've literally never seen Bernie like this before.

Feel the Bern, indeed.

Nicole told BuzzFeed about her inspiration for the book:

I love to draw and I've wanted to get in on the whole adult coloring book craze for a while now. I think the idea to draw Bernie Sanders as a buff bodybuilder came to me in a pizza-induced lucid dream. He was just standing there lifting weights like, 'You know you want to draw me, Nicole' and I was like, 'I sure do, Bernie. I sure do'.

Politics can get so angry and heated. They tend to separate people rather than bring them together. Coloring is something that everyone likes to do — regardless of your race, ethnicity, religion or sexuality. My hope is that this book makes people take a step back and not take things so seriously.

You can get a copy of Buff Bernie here.