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    23 Adorable Gifts For Book Lovers That Are Too Cute For Words

    Literary gifts to squeal over.

    Jarry Lee / BuzzFeed / Etsy

    1. Bookworm plush

    "Hi, I am Marco the Bookworm and I love books. I was made with felt, stuffed, and then hand sewn with matching embroidery thread. I am the perfect gift for a word nerd."

    Buy here.

    2. Watermelon slice felt corner bookmark

    "A juicy watermelon slice fits the book's corner perfectly and becomes a very funny and summery bookmark!"

    Buy here. More bookmarks from the same shop can be found here.

    3. Book Lover's knitting needles

    4. Acorn bookend

    Buy here. More bookends from the same shop can be found here.

    5. Book lover gag gift matchboxes

    "Nine novelty funny gift matchboxes nestled in a sleek black gift box ready to slip into a librarian's stocking or anybody else who's a book nerd."

    Buy here.

    6. Harry Potter plush

    "Bring Harry home in plush form! Harry measures about 9–9 ½inches tall and comes dressed in a white collared dress shirt with a Gryffindor tie. He is also wearing some black robes and a Gryffindor scarf to keep him warm!"

    Buy here.

    7. Mouse Reading bookmark

    "His book is made of real paper. Wonderful present for someone who is keen on reading books. This funny miniature animal is cute, comical and whimsical. The miniature mouse is made out of wool and is needle felted."

    Buy here. More bookmarks from the same shop can be found here.

    8. The Fault in Our Stars book charm pendant

    "If you loved the book... If you're absolutely in love with the movie and you want to carry it around with you, then it's your lucky day!"

    Buy here.

    9. Library Due Date Card T-shirt

    "Library Due Date Card Graphic© t-shirt is a great unique gift for your favorite book lover! Classic library due date card graphic is carefully applied by hand."

    Buy here.

    10. Crochet book coffee sleeve

    11. "Reading Fox" bookends

    "Super stylish fox bookends are ready to hold up your favourite classics."

    Buy here. More bookends from the same shop can be found here.

    12. Book ring

    "A brass book is backed with an antiqued brass ring as an ode to your love of books!"

    Buy here.

    13. Plush bookworm owl pillow

    "This owl would also be a wonderful gift for any bookworm, teacher, or college student in your life."

    Buy here.

    14. Bookish wedding/engagement card

    "A lovely card for a bookish wedding, or the engagement of your favourite book lovers, in the style of a classic book cover."

    Buy here.

    15. Crochet rose bookmark

    "Perfect gift for any teacher, book lover, or gardener in your life!"

    Buy here.

    16. Harry Potter phone case

    17. Bear felt bookmark

    "These adorable felt bookmarks are so very cute. Slip the bookmark into your book keeping their heads and front legs out to mark your spot."

    Buy here. More bookmarks from the same shop can be found here.

    18. Stack of books jewelry box

    "How Fun is this four drawer book box! Made to look like a stack of books. Each book has its own pull out drawer."

    Buy here.

    19. Bulldog bookmark

    "It is the perfect size for a paperback book with its little head and front legs poking out the front and his back legs (with cute paw prints) and tail poking out the back of the book."

    Buy here.

    20. Plush book keychain

    "Attach a little plush book to your keychain or backpack to show your love of reading. Hand-stitched with soft fleece and lots of love, the pages of these books are blank and ready to be filled with the stories of your heart. They're about 2 inches tall. Keep one with you to remind you to be inquisitive, focussed, and adventurous."

    Buy here.

    21. Harry Potter pet costume

    22. "Hamwise Gamgee" LOTR ornament

    "A Hobbit Hamster hero; loyal and stouthearted as the original Samwise Gamgee, though also admittedly equally as prone to dropping the occasional eave. ... He holds a sword in one hand and the Phial of Galadriel in the other, and his cloak is fastened with a tiny leaf clasp, fashioned from polymer clay. ... He would look lovely on a bookshelf, especially alongside your collection of Tolkien books!"

    Buy here.

    23. Cat lover book lamp

    "Surprise your favorite crazy cat lady with this feline-themed book lamp."

    Buy here. More book lamps from the same shop can be found here.

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