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16 Warm GIFs To Help You Brave The Cold This Winter

Congratulations, your screen is now a fireplace.

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1. Just imagine being in front of this fireplace.

2. Or this bonfire.

3. Feeling toasty yet?

4. How about now?

5. Treat yourself to some hot chocolate while you're at it.

6. Or maybe hot coffee's more your thing.

7. Maybe this steaming mug of tea will do the trick.

8. But let's continue warming up by the fireplace.

9. Embrace the warmth.

10. Imagine reading in front of the fireplace.

11. Or curling up in your favorite blanket.

12. Really get in there.

13. It's time to ~snuggle~.

14. Maybe what you need is to look at some molten lava.

15. Let the heat ~flow through you~.

16. Better?

You > cold.

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