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Small Cape Town Company Predicted Some Of 2016's Biggest Events!

If we can take one thing from what happened over in the U.S., and indeed what happened with Brexit, it’s that political polls are no longer to be trusted. They didn’t get these two just a little wrong – no, they really botched the whole thing up. Then there’s Trump – look at the New York Times’ prediction in the lead-up:

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Whilst both may have shocked the majority, CNN are rather impressed with Cape Town-based software company BrandsEye and their spot on predictions. So much so, in fact, that they penned an article about it all.

Proudly South African!

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You know you've done something right if CNN are chomping at the bit to tell your story, so enjoy the plaudits guys.

Hey BrandsEye, any chance you want to look into whether or not Zuma will see out his term?

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