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10 Reasons Why It's Cool To Be A Luchador

Respect the mask. Experience colorful colors and flavorful flavors the likes of which you've never tasted before. Experience Jarritos.

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1. Luchadores know how to make an entrance.

2. Nobody's ever seen a luchador without a mask. And nobody ever will.

3. A luchador has never stopped and asked for directions ever in the history of the world.

4. Everyone else looks weak when standing next to a luchador. But they never brag about it.

5. Though they may seem menacing, luchadores are friends to all creatures, big or small.

6. True fact: luchador children are stronger than fifty full-grown men combined.

7. The Big Bang didn't spark the universe into existence. A luchador dance party did.

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8. Luchadores have an awesome sense of humor, even when they've been on hold with their phone company for like a hundred hours.

9. Luchadores invented -- and perfected -- the ancient art of air-guitaring

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10. If you successfully rub a luchador's head then they must grant you three wishes. Nobody has ever survived rubbing a luchador's head.

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Meet the Urban Luchador. He's not from here.

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