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Preparing For College Midterms

You're halfway through the semester then you're slammed with midterms. I'll teach you how to prepare for them and pass them with flying colors!

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Prepare Any Materials in Advance

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In some cases, your professor will say it's okay to bring a page of notes to the test, make that page well in advance. That way, you'll be able to refer to what you need quickly.

You don't want to be learning how to use the materials you brought with you during a timed exam . Also, as you make any materials you'll need for the exam, you can use them as study aids as well.

Study in Advance

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In most cases, college students like to wait until the last minute to start studying for an exam. Cramming won't help you. Trust me, I've tried it before. If you want to be a successful student you need review material that you are learning periodically throughout the semester before your midterms.

Go to Supplemental Instruction and Tutoring before your midterm. In most instances, the Teaching Assistant will give you tips as to what's on the exam or hint at what to study more in-depth.

Attend Class Regularly

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Going to class every time, and paying attention while you're there, is one of the most crucial steps you can take when preparing for a midterm or other important exam. After all, the time you spend in class involves you learning and interacting with the material. And it's much better to do so in shorter snippets over the course of a semester than to try to learn, in just one night, all of the things that have been covered over the last month in class. Like mentioned before, this doesn't work.

Physically Prepare for the Exam

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You're probably thinking that this ins't a traditional way of studying, but being on top of your physical game is important. Eat a good and balanced breakfast, ​get enough sleep, have the materials you'll need already in your book-bag, and check your stress before you leave. Studying involves preparing your brain for the exam, and your brain has physical needs, too. Treat it kindly the day before and the day of your midterm so that all of your other studying can be put to good use. I like to make sure I have all my other homework for my classes done at the beginning of the week so I can devote the week to solely studying for that class and making sure I have enough rest the night before.

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