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    • Jaroberts

      Things black people like to do:
      1.) Kill other black people
      2.)Scream obnoxiously in public
      3.)Mask their racism by calling others racist
      4.) Mispronounce basic languages
      5.) Care less for social norms
      6.) Pretend they’re important
      7.) Blame their own shortcomings on whites (whoever they feel is “white” on that particular day)
      8.) Skip class
      9.) Bounce a basketball everywhere
      10.) Blast their music obnoxiously with no regard for others
      11.) Wear $300 shoes and $300 headphones becaise they think it makes them cool
      12.) Talk about fu*king white girls like they aren’t the fat white girls that white guys don’t want.
      13.) Change their Facebook names to “Queen something” or “Lil moronic name”
      14.) Pretend they’re from a different continent when they’ve never left their county
      15.) Talk about how proud they are — like they’re trying to convince someone
      16.) Teach their kids distorted versions of history
      17.) Say, “Check your privledge” when they know someone’s called them out and they have nothing else
      18.) Over eat
      19.) Not care about their health
      20.) Not care about anything
      21.) Wonder why no one wants them around
      22.) Attempt to bring hispanics into their racist mantras, as if most hispanics aren’t white, and regardless of the fact that their crime and education statistics are on particular with whites and Asians
      23.)… lord, I could do this all day… what else folks?

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