This Incredible New "Godzilla" Trailer May Restore Your Faith In Monster Movies

The latest big-budget take on the larger than life Japanese monster — which stars Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Olsen, and Aaron Johnson — offers a lot more than mindless destruction. In theaters May 16.


After the moody, atmospheric Godzilla teaser trailer released in December, we had high hopes for the umpteenth incarnation of Japan’s most iconic export. But those sky-high expectations were sent into the stratosphere after the release of this full-length trailer.

The film’s emotional heft is not only perfectly encapsulated by the two-and-a-half minute trailer, but it easily answers the question, “Why would Bryan Cranston follow up Breaking Bad with THIS?”


Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures


The trailer also implies director Gareth Edwards — who utilized the perfect amount of restraint with Monsters, his acclaimed 2010 creature feature — will ensure the looming threat posed by an unseen Godzilla garners as much screentime as the big guy himself.

Mass Exodus

Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures

Scarred Lady

Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures

All of that build up makes the inevitable showdown that much more enjoyable — and Godzilla clearly won’t disappoint in its climax as you can tell from the trailer’s shiver-inducing final shot.

Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures

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