"The Mindy Project" Lands Joseph Gordon-Levitt For Season 4

    And the episode pays homage to Sliding Doors.

    The Mindy Project has a knack for casting some of Hollywood's most in-demand leading men — James Franco, Lee Pace, Seth Rogen, Stephen Colbert, Hannibal Buress, Seth Meyers, Timothy Olyphant, and John Cho, to name a few — and that will still be true in the show's upcoming fourth season, its first on Hulu.

    BuzzFeed News can exclusively reveal that Joseph Gordon-Levitt will guest star in the Season 4 premiere, which is inspired by the 1998 romantic comedy Sliding Doors. In the alternate-reality version of Mindy Lahiri's (Kaling) life, she is no longer with Danny Castellano (Chris Messina), but married to Matt (Gordon-Levitt), a suave reality show producer for Bravo — aka the ideal profession for Mindy's man.

    It's also a reunion of sorts for Gordon-Levitt and The Mindy Project cast — Kaling and Messina guest-starred in the Season 2 premiere of his crowd-sourced Pivot series, Hit Record.

    The Mindy Project, which Fox canceled in May, was later resurrected by Hulu, where the first of its 26 new episodes will premiere later this year.