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    The 100 Best "Pretty Little Liars" Moments, Chosen By The Cast And Crew

    A LOT has happened in Rosewood and no one knows that better than the people who created those moments.

    ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars reaches a major TV milestone on Tuesday, July 8, with its 100th episode, titled "Miss Me x 100," written by executive producer I. Marlene King.

    In celebration of five years of texts, lies, and videotapes, BuzzFeed asked 100 members of the cast and crew to reveal their single favorite moment from the series. Here are their picks, in the order in which they aired.

    1. Ezria's First Kiss

    2. Uncovering Ali

    Season 1, Episode 1: "Pilot"
    "Emily — and then Hanna, Aria, and Spencer — arrive on the scene to learn that the body of Alison DiLaurentis has been found, buried in her own backyard a year after she disappeared." — Bryan H., co-executive producer

    3. The Text

    4. Lighting The Fuse

    5. A New Friend (?) For Hanna

    6. Care To Tangle?

    7. A Silent Smooch

    8. The Higher The Hair...

    9. "She Knew Too Much"

    10. Emily's Confession

    11. A Candy-Colored Vision

    12. Piggy, Piggy

    13. Enter Mr. Rivers

    14. Too Late Too Apologize

    15. One Hot Shower

    16. Order In?

    17. Haleb Gets Hot and Heavy

    18. Blindsided

    19. Chef Shady

    20. Just Hangin' Around

    21. Baller Status

    22. Final Showing

    23. Runaway Runway

    24. A Fond Farewell

    25. ...Baby One More Lie

    26. Remember My Name

    27. Why So Serious?

    28. Surrounded By Questions

    29. Orange Is The New Peplum Top

    30. Ezria Comes Clean

    31. Daddy's Little Girl

    32. Oar Else

    33. That's Not Lo Mein

    34. Iconic Kiss

    35. Take My Breath Away

    36. Kahn Man

    37. Technobabble

    38. A Fiery Rescue

    39. From The Mouths of Babes

    40. What A Doll

    41. A Shocking Swat

    42. What A Psycho

    43. Pretty Little Compliment

    44. It's Curtains

    45. A Grand Entrance

    46. A Major De-Hooding

    47. Sayonara, Maya

    48. On The Cuspid of a Discovery

    49. Notable Quotables

    50. Shall We?

    51. Vow of Vengeance

    52. Brush with Insanity

    53. The Beginnings Of Paily

    54. Truth or (Don't You) Dare

    55. Nursing An Old Wound

    56. The First Cut is the Deepest

    57. Toby Cava...Nah, It Can't Be!

    58. An Evening with Adam

    59. A Rude Awakening

    60. When Push Comes To Shove

    61. "A" Major Slap

    62. Wined and Dined

    63. Ice Ice Baby

    64. License To Kill

    65. Triple "A"

    66. Checked Out

    67. Checked In

    68. Pulling The Strings

    69. Seeing Red

    70. That Girl Is On Fire

    71. Junk in the Trunk

    72. Seeing Double

    73. 1-800-Helpful-Bird

    74. Man of a Thousand Faces

    75. A Dream 'Do

    76. What Happens in Ravenswood Stays in Ravenswood

    77. Rescue Squad

    78. Cruise Control

    79. Two Step

    80. Get A Grip

    81. Tunnels of Terror

    82. Masked Menace

    83. She's Baaaaaack

    84. Some Boysenberry Pie and Board Shorts Ale

    85. Holy Molar

    86. Mind Your P's and Q's

    87. Old Hollywood Glam

    88. The Mirror Has (At Least) Two Faces

    89. Double Take

    90. Bait and Switch

    91. Paily Takes The Next Step

    92. Fired Up

    93. The Chairlift From Hell

    94. Apartment Anarchy

    95. White Nightmare

    96. Any Questions?

    97. Bites The Bullet

    98. Catching "A" Ride

    99. This Used To Be My Playground

    100. End of the Line

    Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.

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