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Tegan And Sara Texting During The Grammys Is Sisterly Love At Its Most Hilarious

The Canadian musicians weren't at the Grammys — but their commentary was easily a highlight of the night!

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Tegan and Sara's incredible album Heartthrob wasn't nominated for any Grammys this year (which is criminal), but the sister act made their presence known, declaring early in the evening:

And the ladies did not disappoint while sharing their feelings on everyone from Beyoncé ("Have you ever sat on a chair like Beyoncé? I haven't.") to Lorde ("All we had in common with Lorde at 17 was our hair.").

They, understandably, freaked when a new Oreo commercial featuring their song debuted.

They also picked up on, and celebrated, the night's biggest trend.

And then there was the night's most talked about moment.

And then they bid us a fond farewell.

Who else wants Tegan and Sara to replace Kelly and Ross as E! red carpet correspondents next year?