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Here's How "Sweet/Vicious" Would Have Ended If It Didn't Get Canceled

*Cries "Defying Gravity"*

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Throughout the first season, Jules dealt with the aftermath of her rape by slipping on a mask and targeting the men who assaulted women on campus. In the course of that quest, Jules teamed up with Ophelia.


As Jules and Ophelia took down one bad guy after another, their masked personas became infamous in their small college town and the police began to tie them to a series of crimes.

While the finale offered a lot of closure, it also left quite a few threads dangling. For example, the last episode ended by revealing that a piece of Jules' sweater was discarded at a crime scene.

And at the ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas on Saturday, Sweet/Vicious creator Jennifer Kaytin Robinson explained what she had planned to accomplish with Season 2.


"We were on Jules' journey in Season 1 and we didn't have the time to really explore what we wanted to in that space and that world," Robinson said on a panel that also included showrunner Amanda Lasher, executive producer Stacey Sher, and stars Taylor Dearden, Eliza Bennett, and Aisha Dee.

"Not only in the LGBTQ [community] but women of color in the LGBTQ community and women of color in general are affected even more than white women and we didn't really get a chance to get into that and the differences ... because there are nuances and there are differences and being a person of color that is a survivor, LGBTQ survivor ... male survivors; there are all difference experiences. We wanted to tell all of these stories and we still do. Hopefully someone will let us."


On another panel on Friday, Robinson also revealed how she would've ended the series: "I wanted it to end with Ophelia going down for everything to give Jules the life that was taken away from her."

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(Creator Jennifer Kaytin Robinson with stars Taylor Dearden and Eliza Bennett)

"In terms of the five-year plan, I always knew how I wanted to end the show," Robinson said. "And I also purposefully ended this first season in a way where Jules' story, you got closure there. Because I was like, who knows? For Jules and Ophelia, that show would have evolved with everything that's happening in the world."