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    Sarah Michelle Gellar Just Picked Angel Over Spike And Nothing Will Ever Be The Same

    During a Reddit AMA, Sarah Michelle Gellar put an end to the immortal question: Angel or Spike?

    While Buffy went back and forth between Angel and Spike throughout the seven-season run of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sarah Michelle Gellar made her choice known during a Reddit AMA on Feb. 27.

    A user named WilliamTheBloody3 asked (and probably regretted later, judging from the moniker), "Spike or Angel?"

    Gellar replied, in all caps, "ANGEL."

    Understandably, that kicked off a swirling storm of insanity in the comments, and a little while later a user named Defeasiblefee re-asked the inciting question, maybe hoping that Gellar had misunderstood: "Settle a debate going on over at r/buffy right now. Angel or Spike?"

    "Still Angel," Gellar replied.

    Gellar appeared to drive a final stake through Spike fans' hearts when she was asked, "How did David Boreanaz smell?" by user Zoidberg3000. Gellar's response: "I can say that David honestly smells very good and continues to smell very good. I apologize to Jamie his wife for answering that question." So looks like the debate is settled, then.

    Oh, who are we kidding, this debate will rage on forever!