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Paul Rudd's Honest Opinions On 14 Random Things

"Can it be profane?"

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Joyce Lee for BuzzFeed

Paul Rudd has been making the world laugh for more than 20 years and that was very much the case when the star of Marvel's Ant-Man recently stopped by BuzzFeed's Los Angeles office. In addition to hopping on our internal communication system to (lovingly) chastise our co-workers, Rudd had the room in tears as he shared his gut reaction to 14 random things.

"When I was in high school, a meteorologist came to talk to our class and said the six-day forecast is a lie and I've never forgotten it. He said there's no way you can predict a six-day weather pattern — we do not have the capability."


"I don't know what they are."

"You know, I've been hearing that word a lot in the last few weeks..."


"I love streak fries, though. I do love them and they are delicious. I love all fries."


"It's such a brilliant thing, I think."