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Watch The "Parks And Rec" Cast Adorably Celebrate Their 100th Episode

This is *literally* the best retrospective. And it's only on BuzzFeed.

In honor of the upcoming 100th episode of Parks and Recreation, the cast of NBC's Emmy-nominated comedy reflected upon their all-time favorite, most memorable, and most hilarious moments in the exclusive video below.

Some of their favorite moments were super sweet.

Some were salty...

Others were personally profound.

And some weren't moments at all.

And while some of the actors took the retrospective very seriously...

Mostly, they couldn't hold in the laughter.

Nick Offerman even said "giggle"!

And then Rashida Jones got super sentimental.

Making us remember how sad it will be when Ann and Chris leave Pawnee.

But at least we have the 100th episode to look forward to!

The milestone episode of Parks and Recreation airs Thursday, Jan. 9 at 8:30 p.m. on NBC.