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    Mindy Kaling Settles 14 Of Pop Culture's Biggest Love Triangles

    Choose wisely.

    Mindy Kaling loves a rom-com, adores a rom-dram, and can't get enough of a love triangle — so when the renaissance woman stopped by BuzzFeed in anticipation of the third season finale of her beloved Fox comedy, The Mindy Project, we asked Kaling to declare a "Team" in 14 of the most hotly debated pop culture love triangles of all time.

    1. Fitz, Olivia, Jake (Scandal)

    2. Gale, Katniss, Peeta (The Hunger Games)

    3. Aiden, Carrie, Mr. Big (Sex and the City)

    4. Joe, Kathleen, Frank (You've Got Mail)

    5. Brenda, Dylan, Kelly (Beverly Hills, 90210)

    6. Mark, Juliet, Peter (Love Actually)

    7. Dawson, Joey, Pacey (Dawson's Creek)

    8. Daniel, Bridget, Mark (Bridget Jones's Diary)

    9. Alex, Piper, Larry (Orange Is the New Black)

    10. Andrew, Claire, Bender (The Breakfast Club)

    11. Frank, Claire, Meechum (House of Cards)

    12. Kimberly, Michael, Julianne (My Best Friend's Wedding)

    13. Angel, Buffy, Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

    14. Jim, Pam, Roy (The Office)

    The Mindy Project airs Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m. on Fox.