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    Paul Rudd Dancing In His "Ant-Man" Costume Is The Cutest Thing You'll See Today

    With great power comes great danceability.

    Paul Rudd's love of dancing is very well-documented. He's busted out some fresh moves for films...

    Universal / Via

    For TV shows...

    Warner Bros. TV / Via

    For late night...

    And for Funny or Die.

    So, it wasn't long before his dancing became a meme as a result.

    Funny Or Die / Via

    But Rudd's never danced in a superhero suit. Until now.


    That's just one of the many amazing parts of BuzzFeed's exclusive blooper reel from the upcoming Ant-Man DVD and Blu-ray.

    Marvel's Ant-Man is available for digital download Nov. 17 and on DVD or Blu-ray Dec. 8.

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