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Jennifer Lawrence's Crazed Lip-Sync Will Blow You Away

In an exclusive extended scene from American Hustle, Jennifer Lawrence gives her all during a performance of a Santana classic.

Columbia Pictures

Jennifer Lawrence's Oscar-nominated performance as Rosalyn Rosenfeld was undoubtedly the funniest thing about American Hustle, and the DVD — available March 18 — includes deleted scenes and extended takes, including Lawrence's expanded four-minute rendition of Santana's "Evil Ways," exclusively on BuzzFeed, which is shot in a single take by director David O. Russell.

The clip features Lawrence channeling some sort of wild hyena as she throws herself around the Rosenfelds' living room: a fabulous swirling tornado of hair, emotions, and leopard print caftans.

In short, it's Jennifer Lawrence at her most Jennifer Lawrence-y.

And she was feeling the moment.

Really feeling it.

Like, really, REALLY feeling it.

American Hustle is available March 18 on DVD and Blu-ray.