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How To Pretend You’ve Watched “The Comeback”

Here's everything you need to know about HBO’s cult classic if you missed it the first time around. Just in time for the show's return to television on Nov. 9.

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Val played Aunt Sassy on Room & Bored. Initially conceived as the hard-nosed landlord of the building her niece Cassie (Malin Akerman) lived in...

Room & Bored was created by Tom Peterman (Robert Bagnell) and Paulie G. (Lance Barber).


The rest of the writing staff was comprised of Gigi (Bayne Gibby) and... um, I want to say Barry? Oh, Milo. OK. And all the others!

Tom had fallen ill*, leaving Paulie G. as the sole creative voice to oversee an episode that Val was particularly excited about because it gave her a major physical comedy moment.


*Tom had developed an ulcer and you would not be wrong for assuming the stress of handling Valerie had caused said ailment.


Val mistakenly assumed she had any control over the final edit, which is why she would call "time out" or tell her producer Jane (Laura Silverman) to "flag" scenes.

She'd confused their friendly working relationship for a genuine friendship.

So Val loaded up her Lincoln Navigator* and brought the cameras to confront Jane at her house.

*In one of the many hilarious cross-promotional tie-ins Valerie was forced to integrate into her reality show (like The Amazing Race's Charla Faddoul becoming her assistant), she is given a Lincoln Navigator and repeatedly told to refer to it by its full name every time she uses it.

That's when Valerie decided to quit The Comeback during her planned post-premiere appearance on The Tonight Show.


That's Mark (Damian Young), Val's long-suffering husband beside her, right before they give back the Lincoln Navigator.


Before going on stage, The Tonight Show's producer Zoe (Misi Lecube) came in to talk about the cupcake scene with Valerie.

"Valerie, I'm sorry you're upset, but people are talking about it," Jane said. "There's a good way to get back on The Tonight Show and a bad way — this is the bad way," Valerie later clarified.

Unfortunately, off-screen, it was another matter entirely.

HBO canceled Lisa Kudrow's The Comeback following the low-rated first (and only) season in 2005. But the show's popularity only grew, thanks to DVDs and HBO Go, eventually earning it cult status.

Rumors of a reunion repeatedly cropped up over the years, but it wasn't until May 2014 that HBO officially announced a new season would be airing, and on Nov. 9, the first of eight brand new episodes will premiere!

So what's happened to Valerie Cherish over the last nine years? Watch this trailer for a Chantico Drinking Chocolate-sized taste of what's to come.

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