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The Definitive Ranking Of "Final Destination" Deaths

Can I live? (No, literally. Can they?)

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Note: As the five films in this franchise have proven, death doesn't play by the rules — but we did stick to one guideline: Only deaths that happened outside the premonitions and the opening accident count.

37. Alex Browning (Devon Sawa), Final Destination

Cause of death: Falling brick (happened offscreen but is revealed in Final Destination 2)

An offscreen death for the franchise’s original lead? Lamest of the lame. —Jarett Wieselman

The first sign you're not about to have the next Scream on your hands is when you can't even get Devon Sawa back for the damn sequel. Devon Sawa, who was literally doing nothing with his time except being at the gym and working on the hotness that is now 2015 Devon Sawa. —Ira Madison III

36. George Lanter (Mykelti Williamson), The Final Destination

New Line Cinema / Via

Cause of death: Hit by ambulance

Bubba deserved so much better than a pointless hit and run. —JW

You know, it defeats the purpose of the black person bucking cliché and not dying first when they get hit by a random ambulance. —IM3

35. Clear Rivers and Eugene Dix (Ali Larter and T.C. Carson), Final Destination 2

New Line Cinema

Cause of death: Explosion

Yes, Clear should have never left that padded room, but how you gonna lump her death in with someone else? She’s the horribly named but incredibly written Clear Rivers, people. Show some respect. —JW

This is such an un-epic death for the only returning star of the first film. NEXT. —IM3


34. Perry (Maggie Ma), Final Destination 3

New Line Cinema / Via

Cause of death: Impaled

I don't remember anyone's names in Final Destination 3, but I REALLY didn't know she had a name. But nice color coordination, girl. —IM3

33. Jonathan Groves (Jackson Walker), The Final Destination

New Line Cinema

Cause of death: Crushed by bathtub

This is one of the rudest deaths of the entire series. He wakes up from a coma, only to get crushed by a geriatric's bathtub. Death has a design, all right, and that design is to be a bitch. —IM3

32. Dennis (David Koechner), Final Destination 5

New Line Cinema

Cause of death: Wrench to the face

I feel like whenever the writers realize there’s a character they haven’t killed yet and time is running out, they just throw a random metal object at them. In this case, a wrench. —JW

31. Samantha (Krista Allen), The Final Destination

Cause of death: Rock through eye

There were so many missed opportunities to kill Samantha in the endless salon scene that preceded her death, and they would have rocked much harder than this. —JW

How they gonna do my soap opera queen Krista "Billie Reed #2 on Days of Our Lives" Allen like that?! —IM3


30. Brian Gibbons (Noel Fisher), Final Destination 2

Cause of death: Explosion

The lamest movie-ending kill of all the films. —JW

I'm more focused on the fact that Kimberly and Thomas seem to be the only people to have ever survived death's design. Were they supposed to come back for Final Destination 3? The continuity up until the fourth sequel is so damn spotty. —IM3

28. Frankie Cheeks (Sam Easton), Final Destination 3

New Line Cinema / Via

Cause of death: Head injury

The misdirect was unnecessary, and this character was annoying. —JW

I just watched this scene, and I don't even remember it. The third movie is really not something special. —IM3

27. Billy Hitchcock (Seann William Scott), Final Destination

Cause of death: Decapitated

Given the elaborate staging and setup every other death got in this movie, decapitated by a metal shard feels like a throwaway. —JW

I'm inclined to give this death some leeway, if only because the spinning set pieces that got us to it were entertaining. The tension during the train tracks scene was genuinely nerve-racking. I just wish the denouement had been more artful. Seann William Scott deserved better. —IM3


26. Nick O’Bannon, Lori Milligan, and Janet Cunningham (Bobby Campo, Shantel VanSanten, and Haley Webb), The Final Destination

Cause of death: Run over by a truck

Using the X-ray effect was a pretty innovative way to end the franchise’s most ridiculous installment. —JW

I feel like these characters died 75 different ways in 75 different fantasies. But this one is the most memorable for how damn hilarious it is. —IM3

25. Isaac Palmer (P.J. Byrne), Final Destination 5

New Line Cinema / Via

Cause of death: Head crushed by Buddha statue

While the acupuncture preamble that led to this character’s death was way more cringeworthy, you have to give the writers credit for basically flushing their karma down the toilet. —JW

This one is a less successful death than the classic Lasik one, but both are instances where the thing you think will kill the victim actually doesn't. I mostly just applauded this douchey character's death. —IM3

24. Lewis Romero (Texas Battle), Final Destination 3

New Line Cinema / Via

Cause of death: Head crushed

Any death that takes place among a dozen sweaty men working out deserves to rank here. —JW

Deducting several points for Texas Battle having a shirt on during this scene. —IM3

23. Peter Friedkin (Miles Fisher), Final Destination 5

New Line Cinema

Cause of death: Stabbed through the chest

I absolutely loved that the franchise’s last entry finally included the idea that characters could kill other people to make death skip them. —JW

THIS is how you do an impaling death. You hearing me, Final Destination 3? —IM3


22. Nathan (Arlen Escarpeta), Final Destination 5

New Line Cinema

Cause of death: Crushed by tire

Respect must be shown to that enormous tire. —JW

The black people in this franchise have the wackest fucking deaths. —IM3

21. Ian McKinley (Kris Lemche), Final Destination 3

Cause of death: Crushed

Probably the character I most wanted to die in the entire franchise. He was just such a shit. Good riddance. —JW

That arm twitch is so rewarding. Agreed on how much he was an asshole. I was hoping he'd be the one to get the nail gun to the head. —IM3

20. Agent Jim Block (Courtney B. Vance), Final Destination 5

New Line Cinema

Cause of death: Shot

Can anyone explain to me how and why the great Courtney B. Vance ended up in this movie? Was he lost? Did he owe someone money? —JW

I actually can't figure out if his appearance is more or less embarrassing than being on two seasons of FlashForward. —IM3

19. Carter (Justin Welborn), The Final Destination

New Line Cinema

Cause of death: Dragged behind car while on fire

If only all bigots were dispatched this swiftly. —JW

Wherein the Final Destination franchise tries to do an artful commentary on race relations in America. I'm kidding, of course. Carter was just a stock racist character who interacts with the main cast for all of five seconds. —IM3


18. Tim Carpenter (James Kirk), Final Destination 2

New Line Cinema / Via

Cause of death: Crushed by falling pane of glass

Let this be a lesson to you: Don’t antagonize the pigeons. —JW

Seriously. It's only a tuppence a bag to feed them these days. —IM3

15. Nadia Monroy (Stephanie Honore), The Final Destination

New Line Cinema

Cause of death: Decapitated by flying tire

Welcome to the 3D movie. —JW

I legit howled in the theater during this death. 3D af. —IM3


14. Carter Horton (Kerr Smith), Final Destination

New Line Cinema

Cause of death: Crushed by falling sign

The moral here is that you’re never safe. Not even third-wheeling in Paris one year later. —JW

This was a pretty good final scare for the end of the first film. I legitimately did not see this one coming till it was happening. —IM3

13. Evan Lewis (David Paetkau), Final Destination 2

New Line Cinema

Cause of death: Stabbed in the eye

One of the best set pieces in the entire franchise; a constantly escalating series of unfortunate events that, sadly, results in a rather ho-hum death. —JW

The preamble to this is as hysterical as it is tense, but like Seann William Scott's demise in the first film, the death itself leaves a lot to be desired. Points for gore, though. —IM3

12. Tod Waggner (Chad Donella), Final Destination

Cause of death: Asphyxiated

The franchise's first post-premonition kill set the stage perfectly for how everyday objects could spell doom and how easy it was for the Grim Reaper to wrap his death grip around the survivors. —JW

Knowing the original film was an unused X-Files spec script makes so much sense with a death like this. You can just imagine Scully investigating this and explaining it all away to coincidence while Mulder thinks there's something sinister going on. —IM3

11. Wendy Christensen, Julie Christensen, Kevin Fischer, Laura, and Sean (Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Amanda Crew, Ryan Merriman, Agam Darshi, and Dylan Basile), Final Destination 3

New Line Cinema

Cause of death: Subway accident

An impressively elaborate movie-ending offing that actually trumps the roller coaster accident that opens the film. —JW

Despite the ridiculousness of everyone ending up on this damn subway train car, the actual death itself is pretty boss. —IM3


10. Valerie Lewton (Kristen Cloke), Final Destination

Cause of death: Stabbed

Valerie’s prolonged death scene is easily the most heartbreaking, even all these years later, because her guilt over everyone’s death rings so true in actor Kristen Cloke’s hands. —JW

The entire franchise puts a new spin on the traditional slasher movie and no other scene in the series feels so much like a victim being stalked by a deranged killer. It's one brutal mishap after another until that knife plunges into Valerie's chest. —IM3

9. Olivia Castle (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), Final Destination 5

Cause of death: Falls out a window

Lasik may not have actually been Olivia’s cause of death, but it certainly killed any interest I ever had in undergoing the procedure. —JW

People who haven't even seen the movie remember this terrorfest from the trailer. Fuck Lasik. (Although the revelation that this film is a prequel to the first has me wondering if Lasik is less A Clockwork Orange in 2015.) —IM3

8. Nora Carpenter (Lynda Boyd), Final Destination 2

Cause of death: Decapitated by elevator

The only thing worse than losing a child is, I’m guessing, getting decapitated by an elevator after your ponytail is accidentally hooked on the prosthetic arm of a pervert. —JW

This death is a bit like a scene from a John Waters film. It's so fucking absurd and yet equally terrifying. —IM3

7. Erin (Alexz Johnson), Final Destination 3

Cause of death: Nail gun to the face

So, so, so brutal. A mangled mess of gore and terror. I loved it. A fact I'm still discussing with my therapist. —JW

I don't know how Pinhead makes nails in your head look so elegant. That's what Erin gets for trying to keep up with the Joneses, I guess. —IM3


6. Rory (Jonathan Cherry), Final Destination 2

Cause of death: Dismembered

Cube really perfected this mode of death in 1997 — and Resident Evil popularized it in 2002 — but it was still damn effective in 2003 when it was deployed in the sequel. —JW

5. Ashley Freund and Ashlyn Halperin (Chelan Simmons and Crystal Lowe), Final Destination 3

Cause of death: Burned alive

No one suffered en route to the great beyond quite like Ashley and Ashlyn as they very slowly burned to death inside twin tanning-bed coffins. —JW

I think these basic heffas died mostly for trying to pretend like the Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Love Rollercoaster" was anywhere on their damn iPod tanning playlists. —IM3

4. Terry Chaney (Amanda Detmer), Final Destination

New Line Cinema / Via

Cause of death: Hit by bus

The biggest “scare” in all five films was punctuated perfectly by Terry's final line: “You can just drop fucking dead.” And then she did. Perfection. —JW

THIS IS STILL SO GODDAMN EPIC. I screamed so much when this first happened. —IM3

2. Sam Lawton and Molly Harper (Nicholas D’Agosto and Emma Bell), Final Destination 5

Cause of death: Plane explosion

From the opening bridge collapse to the brilliant twist of letting the characters become killers, this movie had hooked me big time. And then it dropped the mother of all shockers: The fourth sequel was actually a prequel to the entire franchise, as Sam and Molly died on Flight 180! Mind blown. Mic dropped. Errrebody dead. —JW

Who knew the fifth movie of the damn Final Destination franchise had a shock like this up its sleeve? This was a fantastic twist and, on top of it, a really sad death once you realized there was absolutely no chance Sam and Molly would survive. —IM3

1. Candice Hooper (Ellen Wroe), Final Destination 5

Cause of death: Gymnastics

There were so many individual things to worry about (the nail on the balance beam, the live wire inching closer to water, the oscillating fans) that I didn’t expect them to be triggered in unison and create a chain reaction that would lead to the most visually excruciating death tableau. —JW

Aside from how brutal and gory this death was, it course-corrected a lot of the more obvious deaths that had been in the previous sequels by going all in on the suspense and tension. I knew Candice would die, but I didn't know how. This death is masterful. —IM3