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    Posted on Mar 6, 2014

    Bill Murray Offers A Hilarious Behind-The-Scenes Look At "The Grand Budapest Hotel"

    The iconic actor steals all his Budapest scenes and BuzzFeed's exclusive set visit video.

    Fox Searchlight

    Not since the late, great Harold Ramis has Bill Murray collaborated with a director as frequently as he has Wes Anderson (of the eight feature films Anderson's helmed, only one — his first, 1996's Bottle Rocket — didn't star Murray).

    And the actor thrives in the unique worlds Anderson establishes both on screen and off. "He's managed to make the making of movies a real living experience," Murray told Esquire in 2012. "For Moonrise Kingdom, he rented a mansion in Newport, Rhode Island, and we lived in it. The editing rooms were in the mansion. And we had a great cook. You could be relaxed in your own skin, but it also meant that you could work endless, ungodly art-movie hours because there was gonna be a meal prepared for you when you're done."

    Anderson and Murray's latest collaboration — The Grand Budapest Hotel, an eccentric murder mystery — opens on March 7, and BuzzFeed has an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at that unique moviemaking experience.

    In addition to hearing how Anderson decided to set the entire film in Germany's small, snowy village of Gorlitz, Murray gives a hilarious tour of the town, and introduces some locals — whether they like it or not.

    Fox Searchlight

    The Grand Budapest Hotel opens March 7.

    Correction: Wes Anderson has directed eight feature films. This post originally misstated that he directed nine feature films, including The Squid and The Whale, which Anderson only produced.

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