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85 TV Shows We Lost In 2014

Don't let the door hit you where the network split you. Presented in alphabetical order.

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3. A.N.T. Farm

Disney Channel

Number of Episodes: 62

Final Episode Aired: March 21

BuzzFeed's Deputy Entertainment Editor, Jaimie Etkin, is the only adult upset that this show was canceled. (Editor's note: Only because little Disney Channel star China Anne McClain has such a good voice!)

5. Bad Judge


Number of Episodes: 9

Final Episode Aired: Dec. 11 (Note: NBC officially canceled the show on Oct. 31, but the remaining episodes could air in 2015)

No one objected to its cancellation.

10. Betrayal

ABC Jean Whiteside

Number of Episodes: 13

Final Episode Aired: Jan. 19

Pretty people bumping uglies should have brought viewers in droves. Unfortunately, this time, it didn't.

13. The Boondocks

Adult Swim

Number of Episodes: 55

Final Episode Aired: June 23

The fourth season was the first to not have creator Aaron McGruder at the helm, and, subsequently and sadly, it was the last one we got.

16. The Carrie Diaries

Patrick Harbron/ The CW

Number of Episodes: 26

Final Episode Aired: Jan. 31

It took a minute, but this funny, smart, and insightful series evolved into a dynamite teen drama. Sadly, teens didn't seem to have much interest in the evolution of Carrie Bradshaw.

27. Franklin & Bash


Number of Episodes: 40

Final Episode Aired: Oct. 22

With F&B and King & Maxwell having fallen, Rizzoli & Isles is TNT's last ampersand standing. (Girl power.)

31. Growing Up Fisher


Number of Episodes: 13

Final Episode Aired: June 11

This show was about a blind father and I can't decide if this cast shot is stupid or offensive or stupidly offensive.

36. Intelligence


Number of Episodes: 13

Final Episode Aired: March 31

The drop-off in viewers from the premiere (16.4 million) to the second episode (6.2 million) was insane.

40. Kirstie

TV Land

Number of Episodes: 12

Final Episode Aired: Feb. 26

Did anyone ever explain why this show was called Kirstie when Alley played a character named Maddie Banks?

41. The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson


Number of Episodes: 2,058

Final Episode Aired: Dec. 19

An ace interviewer, a killer monologue-r, and an all-around great host. Ferguson will be missed.

43. Manhattan Love Story


Number of Episodes: 4 (six unaired episodes were released online)

Final Episode Aired: Oct. 21

At least its cute stars Jake McDorman and Analeigh Tipton are now dating.

45. The Michael J. Fox Show

Eric Liebowitz / NBC

Number of Episodes: 15

Final Episode Aired: Jan. 23

Betsy Brandt went from Breaking Bad to worse, co-starring on Michael J. Fox's saccharine NBC sitcom.

47. Mind Games


Number of Episodes: 5 (eight episodes went unaired in America, but were released internationally)

Final Episode Aired: March 25

Kyle Killen (creator of Lone Star, Awake, and Mind Games) can't catch a break.

49. Mystery Girls

ABC Family

Number of Episodes: 10

Final Episode Aired: Aug. 27

With a poorly timed premiere (the show debuted in the midst of Tori Spelling's insanely dramatic Lifetime reality series) and a hideously stereotypical gay character (Miguel Pinzon's Nick Diaz), it's no mystery what killed this show.

54. Rake


Number of Episodes: 13

Final Episode Aired: June 27

Greg Kinnear is an Oscar nominee. I say that to remind him more than you, since he clearly forgot when signing on to this show.

56. Ravenswood

ABC Family

Number of Episodes: 10

Final Episode Aired: Feb. 4

This supernatural-tinged Pretty Little Liars spin-off proved that the characters are better when they work together. #HalebForever

60. Rush


Number of Episodes: 10

Final Episode Aired: Sept. 18

Tom Ellis played William P. Rush, a doctor who got a rush both from drugs and from saving patients' lives. Viewers found it exhausting.

63. Sean Saves the World


Number of Episodes: 13 (two unaired episodes were released online)

Final Episode Aired: January 23

Let's hope Sean Hayes saved some of that Will & Grace money.

64. Selfie


Number of Episodes: 7 (six unaired episodes were released online)

Final Episode Aired: Nov. 11

Gone too soon. This show was truly finding its footing when ABC kicked it to Hulu.

67. Super Fun Night


Number of Episodes: 17

Final Episode Aired: Feb. 19

Except this one. I would say that Rebel Wilson deserved better, but this is the show she created for herself, so...

68. Star-Crossed

The CW

Number of Episodes: 13

Final Episode Aired: May 12

Based on the online outrage over its cancellation, you'd have thought Star-Crossed had a ton of viewers, but fewer than 1 million people watched the finale.

71. Those Who Kill


Number of Episodes: 10

Final Episode Aired: May 18

A&E aired the first two episodes before low ratings drove the show to another network, the Lifetime Movie Network.

74. Trophy Wife


Number of Episodes: 22

Final Episode Aired: May 13

ABC really ripped so many wonderful comedies away from the world this year, but this was its worst offense.

81. White Collar

Giovanni Rufino/USA Network

Number of Episodes: 81

Final Episode Aired: Dec. 18

Thank you for providing Matt Bomer with the star-vehicle he deserved, White Collar. You have given us all a true gift.

85. The X Factor


Number of Episodes: 80

Final Episode Aired: Dec. 19, 2013 (the show was officially canceled in 2014)

One of the world's most popular reality competition formats flopped in America, despite several big names serving as mentors (L.A. Reid, Britney Spears, Demi Lovato, Kelly Rowland, Paulina Rubio) and pretty decent contestants (oh hai, Fifth Harmony).

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