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    41 Signs You're Obsessed With "So You Think You Can Dance"

    All hail Mark Kanemura!


    1. Every week, at the start of the show, against your better judgement, you answer "jidges!" to yourself when Cat Deeley says, "Please welcome your..."

    2. And every week, you wonder where Cat's dress is from.

    3. But quickly realize you could never look like her in it so you stop wondering.

    4. You could go on for days about Cat's gifts as a TV host.

    5. And you think it's a crime she hasn't won an Emmy yet.


    6. You can't see a hot tamale at the supermarket without imagining Mary Murphy screaming.

    7. You wonder if Mary and Nigel Lythgoe have done it.

    8. The real reason you love Christina Applegate and Jesse Tyler Ferguson has nothing to do with their acting.

    9. And you quickly sour on an actor you love (lookin' at you, Zooey Deschanel) when they're a bad guest judge.


    10. You miss Mia Michaels with every fiber of your being.

    11. And Wade Robson too.

    12. Your favorite Mandy Moore is not the teen pop star turned actress.

    13. In your book, Travis Wall can do no wrong.

    14. You even watched his Oxygen reality show because he's so damn talented.


    15. When the camera first cuts to the choreographers in the audience, you pause the screen to see who you can recognize.

    16. And you curse the heavens if you see Tyce Diorio.

    17. You can almost always figure out who choreographed a routine just by watching the first five seconds.

    18. And you're legit impressed when you swear it's someone else, but β€” surprise! β€” it's Tyce.

    Skip Hopkins Photography

    19. Your favorite celebrity couple is tWitch and Allison Holker.

    20. You were (and still are, TBH) hoping Cyrus and Jasmine Harper would get together.

    21. OK, fine. Jasmine and Aaron Turner will do.

    22. You have developed crushes on dancers that make you question your sexuality.

    23. It kills you not to know what really happened to Danny Tidwell.

    24. And you still wonder why Katee Shean's best friend, Natalie Reid, never made it into the Top 20.


    25. You felt an overwhelming sense of pride when Mark Kanemura became Lady Gaga's go-to dancer.

    26. You get crazy excited when you spot a SYTYCD alum in a Step Up movie.

    27. Or on a TV show.

    28. Or in a commercial.

    29. You can also name every SYTYCD alum in Newsies on Broadway.

    30. And you've seen Ade Obayomi's dick pics.


    31. There are certain songs that are inextricably linked in your mind with their respective SYTYCD routine, like "Bleeding Love."

    32. Or "Gravity."

    33. Or "Mercy."

    34. You loved "Apologize" before the rest of the world.

    35. Ditto with Lady Gaga, who first appeared on SYTYCD!

    36. You know exactly what combinations of words to type into YouTube to yield your favorite dance.

    37. You remain frustrated at how weirdly the show treats the sexuality of its gay dancers.

    38. You hate it when the audience screams and ruins the moment.


    39. But you still cry at least once per episode.

    40. You know you can trust someone when you find out he or she also loves SYTYCD.

    41. There is only one reality show you love so much, you actually vote β€” and it is So You Think You Can Dance!

    So You Think You Can Dance airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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