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39 Times Neal Caffrey Was The Sexiest Man On TV

Because we can all agree that it should be against the law for White Collar's charismatic criminal (played by Matt Bomer) to ever have to wear a shirt.

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1. That time he emerged from the water and gave Daniel Craig a run for his money.

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2. That time his hair remained perfectly coiffed despite the massive explosion behind him.

3. That time he flipped his hat.

4. And that other time he flipped his hat.

5. That time he was so pleased by his own authority.

6. That time he enthusiastically kissed Sara.

7. That time he wore boxing gloves.

8. That time he wore a leather jacket.

9. And that time he wore glasses.

10. That time he wore a firefighter uniform and brought the heat.

11. That time he celebrated with a cigar.

12. That time he was, quite literally, magic

13. That time he did a naked shimmy.

14. And that time he blinked.

15. That time he pulled a gun out of his jeans.

16. That time he stared deeply into Rebecca's eyes and you couldn't blame her for pouncing.

17. That time he was all, "What can ya do?"

18. That time it was all too much and he had to lie down.

19. That time he put his shirt on.

20. That time he took his shirt off.

21. And that other time he took his shirt off.

22. That time his eyes were so blue, you almost couldn't handle it.

23. That time he lathered up.

24. That time he said, "Safety first!"

25. That time he was feeling a little sick.

26. That time he shushed someone.

27. That time he wet his lips.

28. That time he made you wish you were a toothpick.

29. And that time he made you wish you were a pen.

30. That time he had a beard complete with salt-and-pepper perfection.

31. That time he broke out of prison and drove around with the top down.

32. That time he was confused.

33. That time he took care of a puppy.

34. That time he played peek-a-boo with a newspaper.

35. That time he bared his...ummmmm...soul? in bed.

36. That time he perfectly admitted to being imperfect.

37. That time he smiled and it was brighter than the sun.

38. That time he made a Flashdance joke.

39. And that time he was shirtless (times infinity).


White Collar returns with the latter half of Season 5 on Thursday, Jan. 9 at 9 p.m. on USA.