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7 Famous Dogs Who Could Run A Company

Click to see which lovable canines could run your company in the case of a dog-pocalypse!

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1. Clifford

Scholastic / Via

Company: Protection services. Would you mess with a 25-foot tall dog?

Bio: Despite his imposing size, Clifford is amazingly friendly. His charming personality allows him to easily find new clients. He goes the extra mile, allowing VIPs to ride on his back.

Weaknesses: Last time he had an accident in the office, the entire building shut down for a week due to flooding.

2. Wishbone


Company: New York Times Co.

Bio: Endless energy and a voracious reader.

Weaknesses: He spends the final minutes of each day revealing anonymous sources in exchange for stomach rubs. Once got caught fabricating stories due to his large imagination.

3. Air Bud

Walt Disney Pictures

Company: CEO, Harlem Globetrotters

Bio: Balances budgets. Used to winning games through nefarious methods. Can play multiple sports.

Weakness: His former owner continuously tries to steal him away.

4. Beethoven

Northern Lights Entertainment

Company: Law firm

Bio: This lovable St. Bernard became familiar with the legal system as a puppy, when he was falsely accused of biting a local veterinarian. He was so grateful that he completed law school at the University of St. Francis, where he doubled as the school mascot (Go Fighting Saints!).

Con: He carries vodka in his barrel and often drinks on the job.


5. Snoopy


Company: A rival to PetSmart

Bio: Even though he is obsessed with reading War and Peace ad nauseam, he is perpetually happy - dancing his way through the office every morning. After leaving Minneapolis and Peanuts land, Snoopy had a rough time adjusting to the real world. He later teamed up with Woodstock and opened a competitor to PetSmart.

Con: The store quickly closed because Snoopy never had the courage to make difficult decision.

6. Rin Tin Tin


Company: Talent agency

Bio: After a long career in television, this expressive canine started his own talent agency. In his spare time, he likes to visit estate sales and purchase decorative bowls for his dog cave.

Cons: Sometimes he reverts back to his puppy years and begins speaking French. His employees are also tired of hearing about his search for the perfect baguette.

7. Lassie


Company: Ambulance service

Bio: This rough collie was an expert in finding and rescuing people in danger, leading her to her new career. From time to time, she leaves the office and drives the ambulance herself, but this work is limited by her tendency to leave the ambulance running while she chases shiny objects down the street.

Con: Her company was sued after it was discovered that hidden cam footage from her ambulances was used in a modern-day Lassie series that was purchased by Netflix.

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