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3 Of The Greatest Soul Hits You've Never Heard

Hey classic soul fans: sure, you know all the big hits that have stood the test of time, but what about these gems? Luckily for you, Sound Gems Records has compiled them all into one album for your enjoyment. Here are three of them:

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Give Me Your Best Shot, Baby - Ebb Tide

This one had people dancing their feet off in the

East Coast club scene four decades ago. The six-minute song was originally split into two parts on a 7" vinyl.

Originally released: 1974

Sweet Norma Jones - Spice ft. Bunny Davis

The upbeat "Sweet Norma Jones" is based on the true story of a waitress working at the Come On Inn. The song tells of a waitress who naively believes that a married man will leave his wife for her.

Originally released 1974

You're My Main Squeeze

"It's funny how some slang sticks around. Even Urban Dictionary has a definition for 'main squeeze.' I suppose today this would be called "You're My Bae," but that hardly has the same ring to it, does it?" - Sound Gems

Originally released 1974

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