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    I'm an art student currently living in NYC. I love art and music and I am obsessed with Phoebe Legere’s work. I am doing my thesis on Phoebe because her life of total art motivates and encourages me every day.


    Bobby Miller / Via

    1.Phoebe invented MONAD—It was the first multi-racial multi-ethnic rock group featuring both men and women who played music together as a unit on equal footing. Groundbreaking before Prince.

    2.Phoebe is a Transmedia Artist Who Makes The World A Better Place—Phoebe combines her multi-format art, music, sculpture and more into an explosion of Transmedia Genius and experiencing it will inspire you. Everytime.

    3.Phoebe invented the Shamancycle—The Shamancycle is a people powered art sculpture bicycle with a giant moving Eagle head and bandstand/stage for music. It is made from reclaimed materials. She is at the forefront of the Maker Movement. See her at the Maker Faire in San Francisco on May 15-17.

    4.Phoebe was Lady Gaga before Lady Gaga—watching her early videos and stage performances will make you say, is there any question that Phoebe has been ripped off?

    5.Phoebe appears in and wrote music for Lena Dunham’s HBO documentary on Eloise artist/illustrator Hilary Knight – enough said. Watch it premier on March 23 after the season finale of GIRLS.

    6.Phoebe is a global citizen—Phoebe speaks many languages and has traveled to China, Tibet, Africa, South America etc. spreading good vibes in each country’s native tongue. Read about some of adventures at

    7.Phoebe conducted at Lincoln Center – She wowed audiences at Lincoln Center’s Avery Fisher Hall when she sang a blues mass in Latin scored for 80 pieces. Who does that?! Check out the photos of the event at

    8.Phoebe plays a ton of instruments—Phoebe performs on piano, accordion, guitar, cello, cavaquinho, Native American flute, synthesizer and ukulele. Go see her and be amazed.

    9.Phoebe makes history fun and cool—Phoebe wrote and acted in the sold out musical ‘Elizabeth I and Shakespeare: A Reality Show’ at TNC in NYC making Shakespeare funny, accessible and cool.

    Phoebe has written other plays and musicals, too.

    10.Phoebe is a community activist—She gives tirelessly to benefits to help her East Village community. She talks the talk and walks the walk. Ask anybody who's cool; they know.

    11. Phoebe is classically trained with jazz chops-- Phoebe Legere studied with John Lewis of the Modern Jazz Quartet, studied composition at the Juilliard School; studied composition with Morton Subotnick, jazz arranging with Ira Newborn; studied piano at the New England Conservatory, performance art and piano at Vassar College and Film Scoring at New York University. Phoebe also toured with David Bowie. Read more about her music at:

    12.Phoebe’s music is awesome—and she is credited with being the first white female rapper: Just listen here:

    13. Phoebe presents science for everyone to understand —Check out her lecture on health and the intestine originally given at The Theater For The New City. Phoebe wants you to take care of yourself!

    14.Phoebe is a social vigilante—Phoebe fights for the rights of all.

    15.Phoebe wrote ‘Hello, Mrs. President’ –this is a musical about the first African American woman president of the U.S.

    16. Phoebe wrote the book AMERICAN WIEMAR—it is about New York City East village counterculture in the 80s. She reads some of it on her CD East Village/East Berlin

    You can get the CD at

    17.Phoebe composed the legendary song ‘Marilyn Monroe’ -- Her song Marilyn Monroe was featured on the soundtrack to the movie Mondo New York, a depiction of New York underground.

    18. Phoebe created the New York Underground Museum—the NYUM is dedicated to preserving the works of visionary arts of all ages. The NYUM sponsors an annual Art and Music Festival for the underserved children of the East Village. Phoebe also created the Foundation for New American Art. Read more at

    19. Phoebe designed the fur bikini—Phoebe designed, manufactured and sold the fur (fake, of course) bikini. They always sold out at Patricia Field. See a cool pix of Phoebe in one at the fan blog run by Phoebe's Monad fans:

    20. Phoebe invented The Sneakers of Samothrace to help disabled kids.

    BONUS. Phoebe is releasing a new CD called ‘Cajun Moon’ –Based on her French-Canadian heritage –Phoebe is of Acadian and Abenaki descent—her new CD features Phoebe’s compositions of Acadian music of North America. She makes stuff like this really awesome.