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21 Things That Are Socially Unacceptable To Admit You Secretly Don't Like

For everyone who has ever lost a friend for saying they didn’t like Mean Girls.

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2. "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey (or the cover from Glee if you were born yesterday)

HATERADE: "I just think it's an overrated song."

THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE: "Have you listened to the lyrics? They're totally inspirational and beautiful and not cliche at all!"

3. The Dark Knight trilogy

A VERY LONELY FILMGOER: "I just don't get why it has to be so dark. Why can't it just be a fun superhero movie?"

EVERYONE: "Sociopolitical commentary!!!"


7. Grease

PRETENTIOUS FILM GOER: “It’s a mediocre movie filled with cliches and terrible overacting from John Travolta.”

EVERYONE: “Can you please leave the room before I punch you?”

16. Beyonce

MEN: “She made it socially acceptable for a woman to leave you if you can’t pay all of her bills, if you don’t propose to her when she wants you to, and sent the message that all men are replaceable and upgradable.”

THE BEYHIVE: “Shhh! Beysus can hear you!”

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