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    11 Reasons Haim Is The New Destiny's Child

    And not just because every gay man wants to be both of them for Halloween. But also that.

    1. Both give great #stankface

    2. Both are groups of sisters: Haim in the literal sense and Destiny's Child in the metaphorical sense.


    3. Sure, they all sing sometimes. But there's only one Beyonce.

    4. Both groups started in hilarious bands that they'll never speak of again.


    Valli Girls, starring Este, Danielle, and those three other girls no one remembers.


    Girl's Tyme realness circa 1990.

    5. It's a midriff world, and we're all living in it...but they're living it.

    6. Haim is managed by Jay Z's company. Destiny's Child manages Jay Z.


    7. Both groups have The Other Member

    8. Haim openly loves Destiny's Child. Destiny's Child openly loves themselves.

    9. Both have topped the Billboard charts.


    Adding words to the dictionary one song at a time.


    Watch out, Kate Middleton. The UK has some new queens. And I'm not talking Sir Ian McKellen.

    10. Both look fabulous in white.

    11. Both are made up of powerful women who make magical music.

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