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5 Reasons Orphan Black Is The Best Feminist Show Around

Amazing stories, wonderful acting, Orphan Black is the best thing around. Oh, and did you know season three returns on April 18? *Spolier Alert* #CloneClub

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1. Alison

Alison takes the soccer mom persona to the next level. Outwardly conservative and prissy, watching her shooting guns, drinking straight from the bottle and disposing of bodies is so against the stereotype, it is deeply satisfying.

2. Cosima

Cosima, with her big smile and penchant for seizures, is as close as this show comes to a damsel in distress. And we believe she will use her giant brain to make some crazy, crazy science to save herself - and everyone else too.

3. Rachel

Do you see that look? That's the not the smile of a healthy person, let me tell ya. Rachel is ruthless and all the more terrible because we can understand why. Will she live into season three? Maybe. If she does, we expect more large-and-in-charge maneuvering, kidnapping, and all around bad-assery from this CEO of crazytown.

4. Helena

Helena may be the most adorable sociopath ever. She's scary, brutal, and delivers some of the best deadpan lines imaginable. Somehow she is never actually the "crazy bitch" stereotype - she subverts it by being unemotional and detached. She is the strangest and best "seestra" out there.

5. Sarah

Oh Sarah, let me count all the ways you are awesome. Oh wait. They are infinite!

Sarah is the heart of the show. She cares about everyone, but maintains her edge and street cred - never falling into the trap of the martyr. She's passionate about her family and extended "sisters" but always maintains her sense of self through every ordeal.

These five ladies are the center of an epic battle for the right to control their own bodies. "I am not your property," is the battle cry of the clones, but it might as well be for any woman who has been forced into a compromising situation.

Orphan Black season 3 begins April 18, 2015.

#Feminism #CloneClub

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