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Paid PostPosted on Jun 8, 2017

12 Things That Are Way Too Real If You Have Psoriasis

The struggle is real with psoriasis. See what we mean? Learn more at #PsoriasisInsideStory.

1. All you've ever wanted is a dermatologist who really gets you.

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It can be hard to find the perfect derm, but don’t give up on finding the right one who will make you feel totally comfortable and get you the care you deserve.

2. You single-handedly conserve tons of water by taking the world’s shortest hot showers.

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Dry skin makes your psoriasis worse, and hot showers cause dry skin — hence, you're in and out in three minutes flat.

3. You shave only when absolutely necessary.

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Shaving irritates your skin like WHOA, so you're not about to do it more than you have to.

4. You're very sick of constantly receiving unsolicited advice from strangers.

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"Yes, I HAVE tried seeing a dermatologist!"

5. You dread winter MUCH more than the next guy.

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Ah, cold, dry air! The perfect way to make your skin worse. You cover every inch of your visible skin when you're outside in winter, even if you're just running from the house to the car.

6. You’ve tried eliminating every single food group there is.

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You've cut out alcohol, junk food, gluten, citrus... Basically, if it's a category of food, you've tried going without it for a while.

7. And you often stress yourself out when you’re trying to not stress out.

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Stress makes psoriasis just don't stress! Right? Except somehow trying not to stress is super stressful?

8. You avoid exercising because sweat is the enemy.

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Psoriasis means that sweat stings in a big way, so you gotta keep yourself still.

9. Soft fabrics, however, are your best friends.


Mmmmm, soooothing.

10. When spring comes, you re-establish your perpetual love-hate relationship with the sun.


Sun is so helpful to your skin! Yes! But sunburns are a nightmare. Nooo.

11. You have a similar relationship with bedtime, because you often wake up to discover you've been scratching yourself in your sleep.

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You can control yourself while you're conscious, but all bets are off at night.

12. But one thing's for sure: When you meet someone else with psoriasis, you're immediately bonded for life. / Via

You just get each other.

Check out more resources designed to help people living with psoriasis recognize the impact of their disease and motivate them to seek help. Visit to learn more, and connect with others by sharing your story using #PsoriasisInsideStory.