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10 Moments When People With Psoriasis Know They’ve Found The One

Psoriasis affects more than 7.5 million Americans, and it can make starting and maintaining relationships difficult...but far from impossible! Share your experience with #PsoriasisInsideStory.

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3. When things start to get more serious, and your new main squeeze actually reads up on psoriasis so they can get a better sense of what you’re going through.

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And you start to feel like you're not fighting this on your own.

4. When you’re super self-conscious about anyone — ahem — seeing your whole body because of your psoriasis, and your significant other takes things as slowly as you need. / Via

You feel safe and comfortable with them, even though it may take you a while to be ready for more.

8. When your partner starts to play a crucial role in the management of your psoriasis...


They remind you to pack your medicine when you leave the house and are always down to help you research new treatment approaches.

9. ...and to understand and help with both the physical and the emotional impact of the disease.

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There are days when it all feels like too much to deal with, and your partner understands that and is there when you're feeling down.

Check out more resources designed to help people living with psoriasis recognize the impact of their disease and motivate them to seek help. Visit to learn more and connect with others by sharing your story using #PsoriasisInsideStory.