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10 Moments When People With Psoriasis Know They’ve Found The One

Psoriasis affects more than 7.5 million Americans, and it can make starting and maintaining relationships difficult...but far from impossible! Share your experience with #PsoriasisInsideStory.

1. When, after wondering how to bring it up, you first tell the person you’re dating that you have psoriasis — and they react with caring, concern, and curiosity.

2. When your new partner sees a flare-up for the first time and doesn't shy away.

3. When things start to get more serious, and your new main squeeze actually reads up on psoriasis so they can get a better sense of what you’re going through.

4. When you’re super self-conscious about anyone — ahem — seeing your whole body because of your psoriasis, and your significant other takes things as slowly as you need.

5. When your boo learns that, during flare-ups, it helps to just let you vent and offer to listen.

6. When the most romantic part of your wedding night is your new spouse helping you apply lotion on hard-to-reach areas.

7. When you develop psoriasis-related inside jokes that make you both crack up.

8. When your partner starts to play a crucial role in the management of your psoriasis...

9. ...and to understand and help with both the physical and the emotional impact of the disease.

10. When, as time goes on, your significant other continues to make you feel beautiful every day.

Check out more resources designed to help people living with psoriasis recognize the impact of their disease and motivate them to seek help. Visit to learn more and connect with others by sharing your story using #PsoriasisInsideStory.