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What ~thotsgiving~ Gc Member Are You??

R u ML, Jannnerz, or Chris Ryan??? How messy of a bitch are you??? find out!!

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  1. Pick a one word catchphrase.

  2. When fleeing a frightening and potentially dangerous situation, what role do you play?

    Execute the escape plan
    Feel guilty about the escape plan
    Suggest the escape plan
  3. Your class gets canceled unexpectedly- what is your first thought?

    Bong rips!!
    What class?
    Bed is bae
  4. What is your favorite fraternity on campus?

    Beta Theta Pi
  5. Describe your finsta brand.

    Being a drunk bitch
    perfectly cultivated #art
    A damn mess
  6. What were you like in high school ?

    Choir nerd
  7. What's on your spotify playlist?

    Ed Sheeran
    Spotify is for losers
    indie shit
  8. Someone challenges you to a drink off- what do you do ?

    Lose, and get emerged in the process
    Win, but die in the process
  9. Favorite thing about working at the Poppabox Ice Cream window?

    Nothing, nothing at all
    Julio asking if I want dinner
    Free ice cream!
  10. What are you never without?

    Something blue

What ~thotsgiving~ Gc Member Are You??

You got: Chris Ryan

congrats, ur a frat star! when you aren't busy ruling the IFC and building a dynasty of principled men, you can be found enjoying SOL mexican grill, contemplating when your next squirrel sighting will be, being pressured into smoking by ml and jannerz, or having ur drunk ass saved by ml and jannerz. you are truly the messiest man of principle

Chris Ryan
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You got: Mary Lee

everybody's favorite mississippian, ur a messy bitch who doesn't take any shit. u can be found double fisting or smoking janna's weed at pretty much any hour of the day. you think wednesday is the first day of the weekend. ur also an annoying artsy bitch tho, do less

Mary Lee
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You got: Janna

arguably the most influential ihouse (p)resident of all time, u truly embody the spirit of debauchery fostered within its hallowed halls. if you aren't at one of your like five seasonal jobs, u can be found avoiding all other responsibilities and chillin in ur eno or indulging in a casual 10am bong rip (or both?). hidden talent: u can AND WILL fall asleep literally anywhere

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