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What Should Happen In The Gilmore Girls Reboot

Predictions, hopes, and dreams for the new series with Amy Sherman-Palladino returning. As it should be.

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Kirk Is A Dad

Warner Bros.

Kirk and Lulu got married, and when she informed him that she was pregnant, he pulled a Forrest Gump and ran around the town square screaming for several hours. He is often seen walking his son around town on a leash, playing hide and seek with the other children, while carrying out his Town Selectman duties.

Michel Hasn't Changed a Bit

Warner Bros.

After taking a year off to stalk Celine Dion at her Las Vegas residency, Michel is back to help Lorelai run the Dragonfly, snapping at employees and mocking customers as always.

Sookie Has Her Own Show

Warner Bros.

To explain away the absence of Sookie, she has become a Food Network star, famous for her on-air injuries. Jackson is still running around town taking care of his farm and the kids. Lorelai and Sookie still catch up by phone on a regular basis.

Luke Junior

Warner Bros.

Luke and Lorelai got married, and shortly thereafter, were surprised to find out they were expecting a baby boy. He was born after Lorelai's father died, and they decided to name him Richard William, after their fathers.

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