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How These Marvel Superheroes Would Do Their Homework

We all look up to the superheroes that we’ve come to love. As a student, have you ever wondered, “What would Professor X do if he had this assignment?” Well, here’s how Marvel’s greatest superheroes would do their homework, if they were in your shoes.

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Iron Man Would Have a Productive Approach to Schoolwork


Billionaire, philanthropist, and playboy, Tony Stark, is the Iron Man. His genius status suggests that he would just zip right through his homework with little effort, turning in his original work for a 4.0 GPA. But, there’s more to being a genius than you might have considered. Iron man wasn’t born with superpowers; his armor is what enhances his abilities and gives him an edge over adversaries. As a student, productivity tools would be his academic equivalent to armor - protecting him from wasted time and enhancing his performance.

Professor X Would Use Cerebro to Find All the Answers


Charles Xavier is the founder of the X-Men. He didn’t earn the label “Professor X” just because he turned his home into a school for mutants - he can also read minds, hence can access all of the world’s knowledge. Xavier uses Cerebro to find mutant humans who embody the X gene. Did you know there’s a parallel option you can that you can take advantage of? Cerebro Learning is a system that helps connect students with tutors.

Storm Would Call Upon Outer Forces for Aid


A fearless member of the X-Men, Ororo Munroe has the ability to control the weather. Storm, as she is known, uses forces such as wind, rain, and electricity to defeat her foes. As a student, she would never think of doing her own work, but would call upon the help of an essay writer to help complete assignments by their due dates so that she can free up time for more important projects (like epic battles with treacherous villains).

The Incredible Hulk Would Have to Find an Excuse


Bruce Banner looks like an ordinary man - until he gets riled up. When he’s triggered, Banner transforms into the Hulk, the strongest Marvel superhero. In his younger years, blackouts caused him to destroy everything in his path, like a really bad case of PTSD. You can bet that if he was too stressed over the assignment, he probably wouldn’t do his homework at all, because he would have been on a rampage. That’s why he would use the random excuse generator.

Captain America Would do it the Old Fashioned Way


Pen and paper are the tools of Captain America’s era, and this is exactly what he would use to write his essays and complete his bookwork. Being the traditional man he is, homework would be done “by the book,” in a way that inspires others to do the same. By the end of the course, everyone would be turning their work in complete and on time.


Now you know how superheroes would do their homework, and maybe you will learn something from them. Use productivity tools to stay on track like Iron Man, gain knowledge from Cerebro like Professor X, and hire an essay writing service like Storm. Then, decide if you'd rather be like the Hulk and generate excuses for not having your assignments done, or like Captain America, inspiring everyone to roll up their sleeves and finish all the work on time. Who is your favorite Marvel superhero, and what do you think they would do?

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