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    Janice Haddon - Your Life Balance Coach. Executive coaching, leadership development, mentoring and more to get you on the right track with your life work balance

    Achieve positive changes in your life and reduce your work stress with our inspirational life coaching guide to making a happier life.

    Wellbeing and life balance mean different things to different people. After all, we all live in our own version of reality and what works for one person isn't the same for someone else!

    What life balance is not about, is spending an equal amount of time on things such as work and personal life. Achieving life balance, in my opinion is about finding your own definition and working out what it means for you personally – not what it means to someone else – How you get your needs met across all areas of your life is down to you.

    Not living by someone else's rules but your own!

    Surely if we are more aware of our own needs and find ways of building up our inner reliance we will have more time and energy for other people and the demands that daily life can put on us.

    Give some thought to how much time you currently spend on each of the following areas of your life compared to how much you would like to spend (obviously being realistic that most of us do need to spend a certain amount of time earning a living!) – and then do something about it. Set yourself 3 goals for positive changes that you are going to make – and write down by when!

    And remember – The key to it all is doing it in a way that is respectful to other people – and importantly that is respectful to yourself.

    Make a difference – take control and do something positive for yourself!