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    • janiceg7

      AllIwant to say isIam not raceist,IamaChristian, and want to go to Heaven when my time is up.Ido not judge, God is the judge, and if we cannot get along down here thenIdo not think we will get to spend eternity with Him..Hope this does nor offend, but Zemmeriman was not going to be charged, then from the President and the protests he was charged and tried, and found not guilty, well both sides selected the jury, now some want them dead, and Zemmeriman as well, well what if it was in reverse what then? If they were satisfied with the jury both Martin and Zimmeriman as well thenaverdict is handed down, if we protest and riot what does that help?Ilove everyone,Ido not judge, because Christ says, “judge not lest you be judge.” SoIjust wish that everyone stop and think before they act…We need to build up our Country, not tear it down…just saying…..Love in Christ Jesus….

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