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Those Aren't Fries on Chick-fil-A's Value[s] Menu

Wendy's gives you a chocolate Frosty™. Arby's makes it curly fries. Chick-fil-A has its own take on the Value Menu, serving up crispy chicken on a squishy bun with a side of 'family' values.

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Chick-fil-A has never made a secret of its faith-based agenda. The company closes all its restaurants on Sundays and has openly (often discriminatorily and sometimes illegally) factored a potential employee’s marital status and civic and church involvement in its hiring process. It also gives millions of dollars in contributions to conservative Christian causes.

How conservative, you ask?

Exodus International—they cure homosexuality with prayers, although sometimes 'reparative therapy' needs a jump start from stun guns and something they call masturbatory reconditioning- and there's an app for that!;

The American Family Association—when they're not fretting about the blatant homosexual agendas of the PTA and Disney movies, they'd like to outlaw mosques on American soil, and ban Muslims from the military;

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes—didn't Germany have one of these back in the 30's?

The company also seems to give to pretty much any organization that works to defeat gay marriage initiatives: the Council of Conservative Citizens (while they're at it they'd like to get rid of marriage between races too), Focus on the Family, The Family Resource Council, the Ruth Institute (one man, one women, and we'd all be better off if that women would just stay home and take care of her family), the Pennsylvania Family Institute (if we'd gotten rid of sex education we wouldn't be dealing with this nonsense), the Marriage and Family Legacy Fund....yes, the list goes on.

Chick-fil-A has been in the liberals' cross hairs for years. The bigotry and intolerance of its conservative corporate ethos has sparked a series of boycotts, mostly from LGBT communities, and in recent months protests have sprung up on college campuses. The Universities of Delaware, North Texas, and New Orleans, Mississippi State. Bowling Green State, Northeastern, and NYU have all debated Chick-fil-A's place on their campuses, with some of the school administrations choosing to suspend business operations or ban the chain from their premises.

The privately held, family owned Chick-fil-A is certainly free to flex its evangelical Christian muscles, just as we are free to decide that Chick-fil-A leaves a bad taste in our mouths.

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