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    I Finally Found A Uniform, And It’s Everything Pastel

    Soft, pale blues, blushes, mauves, and creams might be my ASMR.

    I have long gazed in awe at those self-possessed enough to manage to deploy a personal uniform.

    1. A snug wrap headband, to offer a more forgiving take on your unbleached roots.

    2. Palazzo pants, which offer your gams maximum breathing room.

    3. A blazer that won't make you feel like an airline pilot.

    4. A henley bodysuit, because if not now, when?

    5. A puffer jacket, which may convince you of the viability of "marshmallow chic."

    6. An embroidered T-shirt that recognizes the struggle.

    7. A knotted crew neck perfect for an insouciant base layer.

    8. An outdoorsy plaid that looks sun-kissed, or like you left it in a wheelbarrow for an entire summer.

    9. A biz-caj turtleneck that says, "I’m listening to everything you say."

    10. A chunky sweater you'll want to wander the moors in.

    11. A cropped sweater that layers like a dream.

    12. A timeless pastel dress that parties softly.

    13. Velvet booties to tread lightly through fall.

    14. Comfy cream-colored sneakers with soles that won’t won’t leave a trace.

    15. And tie it all up in a scarf so cozy and big you can live in it.

    Grumpy fall wardrobe, don’t come around here no more.