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    12 Incredibly Clever Tech Hacks That Will Make Your Home Smarter

    To USB, or not to USB?

    There are so many smart appliances on the market, we’re starting to feel like our houses don’t even need us anymore.

    These hacks put the love back into your relationship with the barn you call home and come in varying degrees of technical difficulty, from “plug in and bask in the glow of your success” to “I’m not afraid to program a tiny computer and/or get out my glue gun.”

    1. Harness the ~magic of Bluetooth~ to synch a vintage-style phone to your cell.

    2. Or just plug a retro handset into your iPhone.

    3. Program an LED lightstrip to allows you to rise with the sun.

    4. Or you can get a smart lighting kit that does the legwork for you.

    5. Bonus hack: teach your Amazon Echo to turn on a light show when the right song comes on.

    6. Control your blinds with your phone.

    7. Use a remote-controlled smart plug to eliminate the panic of leaving an appliance on.

    8. Keep your most important belonging safe with a non-surgical tracker.

    9. Protect your charger cords from fraying with a super-simple trick.

    10. Simplify the WiFi process for your guests with a QR code.

    11. Up the production values on your selfies by using your earbuds as a remote

    12. Lastly, the original world wide web, a network of pipes to play with.

    Consider your house hacked!