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The World's Cheapest Michelin-Starred Restaurant Tim Ho Wan Amazes Palates

What are you waiting for? Get in line to this highly hyped (and rightfully so) dim sum spot in East Village! Here are all the delicious dim sum items you must try.

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Baked Bun with BBQ Pork

Unlike the traditional steamed pork bun, the Baked Bun with BBQ Pork from Tim Ho Wan has crusty, buttery exterior that is perfectly complemented by savory BBQ pork. These buns are baked to order, so bite into them right when they are served!

Steamed Rice Roll Stuffed with Shrimp and Chinese Chives

This dim sum classic features long, rolled layers of chewy steamed rice dough stuffed with generous amount of shrimp and chives. The waiter pours soy sauce over the rice roll for extra flavor.

Pan Fried Turnip Cake

Made with savory turnip, the Pan Fried Turnip Cake is not as oily as some of the other ones I have tried. The exterior is perfectly pan-fried with crispy texture, while the inside is chewy. The dish is served with hot sauce on the side.

Sticky Rice in Lotus Leaf

Wrapped inside lotus leaf, which emanates unique scent, the sticky glutinous rice provides chewy texture complemented by an assortment of meat (Chinese sausage, chicken, and beef) as well as mushroom.

Steamed Rice with Minced Beef and Pan Fried Egg

Over a bed of steamed rice are savory minced beef that has fluffy, cloud-like texture and pan-fried egg with beautiful egg yolk that oozes over the dish.

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