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100% Made In Italy: The Award Winning Italian Olive Oil At The Annual Ercole Olivario

From an eclectic variety of pastas to the highest quality wine, Italy is a leading producer of fine goods. In this article, we explore some of Italy's most coveted olive oil, all of which have received recognition and high honor at the annual olive oil competition Ercole Olivario.

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Celebrating its 25th year, the Ercole Olivario is an annual competition that honors Italy's highest quality olive oil from all regions of the country. The competition was created in the early 1990s with the goal of promoting the top Italian extra virgin olive oils across the world.

This year's award ceremony took place at the heart of Italy in Perugia in the Umbria region. An esteemed panel of judges - comprised of 16 tasters representing the 16 oil-producing regions of Italy - were selected based on their expertise in olive oil.

All the olive oils featured at Ercole Olivario have already been selected as a regional winner of each territory. In order to be considered for the honor, participants must meet specific criteria. For example, they must be olive growers who produce their own oil; oil mills working with olives coming from the same territory in which the mill is located; and collective oil mills and producer associations.

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What makes Italian olive oil unique from those produced in other countries is that the different climate and environmental factors of Italy's regions influence the specific chemicals in the olives, thereby producing olive oils with varying degrees of flavors.

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