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What Makes The Sigiriya Rock Fortress The 8th Wonder Of The World?

Here’s why this 5th Century, UNESCO listed World Heritage Site should be one of the world wonders.

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First Off, Its Fortress/ Palace Built On Top Of A Gigantic Rock!

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Even to this day architects and engineers are baffled about the advance technology that existed during the ancient times, as to build such a fortress on top of rock that is 660 feet in height! This magnificent structure attracts thousands of tourists every year. Because of this, there are quite number of hotels such as the Fresco Water Villa that have sprung up around the fortress from where you can explore Sigiriya things to do.

Oldest Landscaped Gardens In The World

greenholidaytravels / Via

According to many historians these gardens are one of the most important aspects of the site. There are 3 different types of gardens in Sigiriya, water gardens, boulder gardens and terraced gardens.

The Entrance Is Made Up Of A Humongous Pair Of Lion’s Paws

taringa / Via

This is how the name Sigiriya is given to the fortress, because in Sinhalese Sinha-giri means lion’s rock. Apparently these paws used to be part of a structure that features the entire top body of a lion. Unfortunately due to weather, time or some other reason, only the paws remain to this day.

The Mirror Wall

S.G Seyone | Wikimedia Commons / Via

A wall covered with ancient graffiti or poems. The old chronicles say that this wall was polished so well that it dazzled like a mirror. Hence, the name of the ‘Mirror Wall’.

Gorgeous Frescoes

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The royal harem of King Kashyapa, the guy who built this amazing place? Goddesses from heaven? Or just some ladies that the king thought was so pretty that he decided to paint them in his palace walls? Nobody can figure who exactly these women are, but one thing is for sure- there’re spectacular!

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