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The Deep South- Unawatuna

Just a few kilometers up the coast from Galle, you find Unawatuna, one of the biggest tourist destinations in Sri Lanka. Like most of the people on earth we love, with a capital L, the effect of the beach on our senses. A day spent on the shores of Sri Lanka will leave you pinching yourself.

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Lunge into the cool waters of Unawatuna Beach

Cinnamon Air / Via

The feeling of freedom and relaxation that instantly hits you when you taste the salt in the air, see the waves roll onto the shore and the meditative sounds of a soft whistling wind is enough to cure the stresses of a long day or a bad mood. Unawatuna beach is a lovely banana shaped beach of golden sand and turquoise water, surrounded by green plam trees.

Water Sports

Sandy Beach Trips / Via

Una or Unawatuna is known for its plethora of water sports. Swimming, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Surfing for those prefer an adventurous holiday. The place for snorkeling is at the semi-hidden jungle beach.


Cantaloupe Levels / Via

Along the beach are plenty of small restaurants and cafes, serving delicious and fresh seafood. The choices for fresh seafood on the beach will make you go bananas! You can choose your own fish from the ice and get the best fresh seafood.

Getting around

Nerd Nomads / Via

Ignore anyone that approaches you on the road, plenty of scammers and a horde of tuk tuk drivers make a living by hunting tourists! If you got no option, get into a meter tuk. Renting a bike is the best way to move about in Unawatuna or travel around in an air taxi Sri Lanka if you want a fun alternative to regular sightseeing; like Cinnamon air, giving you a bird’s eye view of the stunning scenery below

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