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Six Thai Foods You Need To Get Your Hands On

Those who have bitten into the bursting flavours of Pad Thai, Khao Pad or Pad Krapow Moo Saap, know Thai food is a mindset, an exotic sensation that can only be experienced amidst the buzzing streets and fine eateries of Thailand. If you are heading down to Thailand for your next vacation, the foodie in you can benefit from this low-down of Thailand’s best culinary delicacies.

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Sai Ooah (Northern Thai Sausage)

Mark Wiens / Via

Say “ooah” as you bite into Sai Ooah! If you are a die-hard pork lover, Sai Ooah is your soul mate. The flavourful sensation of minced pork is blended with a fiery concoction of garlic and lemongrass to heighten that tantalising flavour. These flavoursome sausages are often seen being grilled down the streets of Bangkok.

Siu Mai (Steamed Pork and Mushroom)

Ching-He Huang (Cooking Channel TV) / Via

For some visiting Thailand is all about enjoying these bite-size bits of a flavour-filled heaven. Siu Mai or steamed pork and mushroom is usually stuffed with chopped pork although some creative chefs would include shrimp in the filling. Wrapped in fresh pasta skin with filling peeking out from the top to taunt you, Siu Mai witnesses the unique Cantonese dim sum tradition. Bite into such crunchy sensations at dim sum eateries such as Ju Fang restaurant at AVANI Khon Kaen Hotel & Convention Centre.

Yam Het Kemtong (Needle Mushroom Seafood Salad)

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Simply a tantalising concoction of ripe tomatoes, needle mushrooms, sweet onions and seafood, Yam Het Kemtong comes with a surprisingly rewarding sensation.

Kai Jeow Moo Saap (Thai Egg and Pork Omelette)

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A concoction of the finest signature flavours of Thai cuisine, Kai Jeow Moo Saap, the flavourful pork omelette is topped with sauce prik or tomato sauce and served over a steamy bed of rice.

Khao Kluk Kaphi (Shrimp Flavoured Rice with Toppings)

Mark Wiens / Via

A wonderful sensation that electrifies every taste bud in your mouth, the combination of flavours in the shrimp flavoured rice contains red onions, chilli peppers, sliced sausage, pork, and vegetables such as cucumbers, shredded sour mango and green beans.

Galam Blee Pad Kai Sai Moo Saap (Stir Fried Cabbage, Egg and Minced Pork)

Mark Wiens / Via

Although it sounds like you are not missing a lot, the precision and techniques of Thai gastronomy is what makes Galam Blee Pad Kai Sai Moo Saap one of the most unique dishes of Thai cuisine. Cabbage is stir fried with minced pork and dipped in an egg to cook up a unique delicacy when preparing this appetising dish.

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