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Must Try Street Food In Mongkok

Mongkok, Hong Kong is full of tasty roadside treats just waiting to be discovered by the hungry traveller.

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Stinky Tofu

Kirk K / Via Flickr: mmm-yoso

This fermented bean curd dish is favourite in Hong Kong and Taiwan, though if you are new to some of the stronger Asian flavours, then you’d better introduce yourself to this snack slowly – it has a pungent odour!

Octopus Tentacles

myamusedbouche / Via

Fried octopus tentacles. Now, this is definitely something for the more daring among us. Staying at a hotel in the city such as Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong? Ask the helpdesk to point you in the right direction of popular street food stalls so that you can get a real taste of Hongkong.

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