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Here's How To Do Paddle Boarding

Paddle boarding can be a fun sport to try out while you’re on holiday. With this quick guide to paddle boarding, you’ll be all set to start!

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What you need

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As with any sport, you will need to get the appropriate gear. If it’s your first time with paddle boarding, most hotels in Eastern Mangroves District will allow you to rent out all the equipment needed for paddle boarding. You will ideally need a paddle board, a paddle, a personal flotation device and appropriate clothing. Eastern Mangroves Hotel & Spa by Anantara offers to set up paddle boarding excursions with SUP guided tours.

Attaching your strap

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Before you get in to the water, make sure the safety strap between the board and your leg is securely fastened. Carrying the board by the handles is usually the easier option, however if there are strong winds, you’ll most likely be blown away.

Getting on your board and standing


Sure it’s easy enough when you practise standing on your board while it’s still on land, but doing this same thing when it’s on the water requires a lot of time, patience and practise! To get on your board, attempt to first kneel on the board, with your palms down. Once at this stance, gradually lift yourself up until you’re in an upright stance. When attempting to stand, do so towards the centre of the board and not at the top of it. Once you manage to stand upright, your head and shoulders should be facing forward.

Basic strokes

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Now it’s time to paddle! With the paddle provided for you, bend slightly as you take large strokes against the water. This slight angle of your body will allow you to stand more steadily.

Fall and recovery

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As with learning anything, it is only natural to fall over and over. The key is to be persistent and never giving up. When you’re about to fall, remember to fall on the side of the board or you’ll end up injuring yourself!

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