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Exciting Adventures In Sri Lanka For Thrill Seekers!

Yes, Sri Lanka has plenty of beaches to just laze around in the sun, but that doesn’t mean this island doesn’t cater to those looking for some awesome adventure. Here are just a few activities you can look forward to.

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White Water Rafting


Sri Lanka offers everything from grade 2 to grade 5 rapids with Kithulgala being the most popular place for some action-packed white water rafting. With certain rapids being dubbed with names such as “Head Chopper” and “Killer Falls”, you know you are in for a heart pounding treat!

Waterfall Abseiling


Abseiling is one thing, but doing it along a cascading waterfall is a whole other experience altogether! While the scenery that surrounds you is spectacular to say the least, the adrenaline rush as the water flows around and on you makes it all the more special.

Wildlife Safari


The wilds of Sri Lanka are untamed and exotic, and safaris let you see everything from iconic elephants to majestic leopards. Head out to sea on an expedition organised by local tour operators like Jetwing Travels and get a chance to spot whales as well.

Mountain Trekking


Shrouded in mist and steeped in mysticism, the mountains of Sri Lanka offer plenty of adventurous treks. Places like the Knuckles Mountain Range are great for outdoor camping as well. It can sometimes get wet and will definitely be quite chilly so come prepared.

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